About Us

About Us

Trinity Orphanage Plus a.k.a TOP is a Charity dedicated to the rescue and care of orphans including abandoned babies and children whose mothers or parents could not afford to take care of due to various factors. 

TOP is the charity arm of  Holy Truth, HT. We strongly believe that Charity is a key substance of our Christian faith.

Holy Truth is dedicated to boldly uphold and disseminate true Biblical messages, instructions and practices through various media, including but not limited to the following methods; Ministerial teachings and evangelism, Books, Pamphlets/Leaflets/Tracks etc, TVs, the Social media such as Youtube, Facebook, WhatsApp etc.



New born baby buried alive but saved

Our Lord’s prayer in full
An exposition of “OUR LORD’S PRAYER”.

Any Prayer/Prayer book not based on “Our Lord’s Prayer” or departs from it, is simply the author’s imagination irrespective of any contrary claim/s, including claims that the prayer is inspired by the Holy Spirit! In addition, any claimed efficacy of such prayer is dubious.

THIS PRAYER/BOOK IS NOT FOR SALE; We however request for donations to support our endeavour to save babies and children from harm and death as the evidence above clearly demonstrated. This baby was hurriedly buried alive at birth, in a shallow grave. But Our Lord was with him, as His and His care and providence alone led to the baby’s location and rescue. Many babies however, were not so fortunate. Numerous children and babies are sold for rituals, and pregnancies are sponsored for the same or similar purposes. We must be unequivocal that these are happening mainly in developing Countries.

This Prayer Book is FREE. But we request for donations to be used to save babies like this, etc.

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