God said to me, “I, my words, and commandments are immutable”. Yes Lord, I know you are unchangeable. “Yes, my son, but immutable means more than unchangeable”. I woke up, and researched the word ‘Immutable’ forthwith. Behold! it also means: absolute, unassailable, incontrovertible, undisputable. False Christians change the words of God, or willingly conform to the changes.
How majority of Christians are deceived to Worship Satan. Consider the evidence, and decide for yourself !!
“And God blessed the seventh day and sanctified it”, Genesis 2:3. This means God has already made Saturday which is the 7th day fertile, and protected it against Satanic invasion and attacks. God is a king and a Deity; He cannot acquiesce to our insubordination.


As Exodus 31:18 showed us: To write the Commandments, God used a stone for a Scroll. The pen was His finger and flesh. The ink was His inestimable blood. How else can God inform us that the 10 Commandments are dear to His heart, permanent, and unchangeable? In spite of all the above, the Sabbath day worship was changed and many are being deceived to unknowingly disobey God, by worshipping on Sunday instead.
Equally, parents would not look so ignorant and mortified when children confront them with the question; why does the Calendar say Sunday is the first day of the week, and yet they don’t go to school? Our children are precisely questioning the incongruity, the mismatch.

No one attends appointment on the wrong day, and deserves to be seen.No parent would be happy with their children when they deviated from their instruction, order or advice, especially when the Parent has done everything possible to show that the order is dear and unchangeable.

You, and I have done all the above. Our only grace from the Lord is that most of us were deceived even from birth. But as adults, it is our responsibility to correct the mistake and change.

Yes, every day is for the Lord, yet He chose a particular day for a group, Church or congregation worship and praise. The chosen day is on a Sabbath or Saturday, the seventh and last day of the week, not on a Sunday which is the first day of the week as our current calendars still confirm. [Click to Read more] Verbally, God first gave us the direction for a group worship on Saturdays immediately after creation, in Genesis 2:3, “And God blessed the seventh day and sanctified it”. This means God has already prepared and protected the seventh day against Satanic invasion and attacks. It was repeated and put in written form in Exodus as the 4th Commandment with the reminder word ‘Remember’. It says “Remember the Sabbath day to keep it Holy. Six days shall you do all your works, but the seventh day is the Sabbath of the Lord thy God, and you shall not do any work”, Exodus 20:8-10. “….is the Sabbath of the Lord” simply means it belongs to Him.

Here are some flippantly asked questions on Saturday or Sunday worship:

  1. Does it matter what day God is worshipped because all days belong to Him? ANSWER: this question misses the point, for the subject-matter concerns group, Church or congregation worship. Do we gather together every day to worship God? Besides, those who ask this type of question are those who are most likely to frown at their children if they dare challenge or question their authority in similar manner.
  2. Is it not the case that what matters is to “worship God in Spirit and in truth”? John 4:23-24. ANSWER: Obedience is the first step in fulfilling the need to worship God in spirit and in truth, and not the other way. More so, how can anyone think worshipping God in spirit and in truth can be satisfied by disobeying the core process, or procedural commandment which is so dear to God? (see evidence below). In our Laws, processes and procedures must be followed, otherwise the outcome is ruled invalid by the Court. This principle was learned from God in the Bible. Therefore, any procedure and process from God must be followed and obeyed.
  3. They said Apostle Paul has annulled the Sabbath day Commandment? ANSWER: Paul said in Romans 7:12-13. “Therefore, the Law is Holy, and the commandments Holy and just and good”. Besides, Apostle Paul would never deviate or abrogate any commandment our Lord Jesus Christ obeyed and preserved. This is for the fact that our Lord was Apostle Paul’s master and only role model. Nonetheless, in uncertainty whose example or instruction do you follow, Jesus’s or Paul’s? It is beyond belief that any organisation or person who bears the name Christian, are decieving others to follow another authorithy on a subject matter Christ was so clear on. Recall that the name Christian means follower of Christ. These opponents are anything but followers of Christ. They asumed the name Christian as a mask to enable them to destroy Christianity from the inside. They are wolves in Sheep clothing, and have deceived upto three-quarter (3/4), of Christians. It is a grievous and sad situation.
  4. Didn’t Jesus Christ change the Sabbath day commandment? ANSWER: No! our Lord Jesus was a Sabbath-keeper. He obeyed the Sabbath day Commandment. However, He corrected the misconceptions, and misapplications. For example, Jesus Christ healed the man with the withered hands on a Sabbath (or Saturday) as shown in Matthew 12:9-13, Mark 3:1-6, Luke 6:6-11, and many more. Over all, He improved the Sabbath day commandment by urging that we should do good on a Sabbath, Saturday.
  5. Was Sabbath not changed to Sunday to honour the resurrection of Christ? ANSWER: How can this claim be true when our Lord Himself said “Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: but to fulfil it. Till Heaven and Earth pass, one jot or tittle shall in no wise pass from the law till all is fulfilled”,Matthew 5:17-18. Therefore, it smacks of hypocrisy, dishonesty and mockery to claim that Christ is honoured by abolishing and destroying something He held dear, revered, and refused to destroy. In fact, this is nothing other than His Father’s Commandment which He improved and preserved. Unfounded claims and reasons have always been given for eroding all aspects of the scripture by those who were supposed to guard it.

Finally, here are some clear Biblical evidence of how important and dear, a Sabbath day group or Church worship is to our Mighty God.

  1. God could have given the Commandments to Moses in a Scroll and written in ink like all the others. This was not the case, because God engraved them on stone with His bare finger, Exodus 31:18.
  2. God must have felt some pain inscribing all the Commandments on stone with His bare finger. God may even have bled. Do not confuse or misunderstand God’s awesome power and dominion over everything, including pain, as meaning He cannot feel pain or emotions. Our God is not inanimate. The Bible shows that God feels pain and all human emotions, except that they cannot overcome Him. Jesus felt the touch of the woman who was bleeding for 12 years, Luke 8:43-48. God is like us. I rephrase that: we are like God and were created in his own image and likeness, Genesis 1:27. The only difference is that God is immortal and utterly without sin. We are mortal and full of sins.
  3. The act of writing the Commandments with His finger indicates they are dear to His heart. And to have carved them on Stone is to inform us that the Commandments are permanent and unchangeable.
In addition, we cannot exclude obedience of the Sabbath Commandment from the other commandments. In an historical context it is the foremost. It was first given immediately after creation in Genesis 2>. Secondly, no other commandment began with the reminder word “Remember”. It was relevant and necessary for God to use the word ‘remember’, because thousands of years has passed when the commandment was first given. It was given at creation in the time of Adam and Eve. That world of Adam and Eve was destroyed by flood after thousands of years. A new world began with Noah and his family who were the only survivors.
In conclusion, this is actually the easiest of all the Commandments. We would simply be doing what we are doing now, albeit on Saturdays, if the anti-Christ did not alter it. Admittedly, changes entail costs: Social costs such as leaving our church friends and the Ministers, and perhaps financial costs too. Generally, the benefits and rewards for obeying God are immeasurable and far greater than the costs. Some examples of the immense benefits of obeying God are;

  1. Recall that Abraham’s obedience was credited to him by God, as Righteousness, Genesis 15:6. Abraham also obeyed God when he attempted to sacrifice his only son Isaac, Genesis 22. Your obedience could similarly be ascribed to you by God as righteousness. Your obedience will certainly be seen by God as Love for Him as John 14:23-24 makes clear: “if anyone loves me, that person will keep my words: and my Father will love the person, and we will abode with the person”. Notice here that our Lord Jesus did not say the person who loves Him or His Father will obey apostle Paul’s teachings.
  2. We think you have enough true information to rebuff any attempt to deceive you ever again on this subject matter. The change to worship God from Saturday to Sunday, has no scriptural basis whatsoever. It must be seen for what it is; as one of the continued attempts by Christian leaders to supplant God here on earth. As always the case, they have deceived and have taken us along without an iota of shame or guilt.
  3. What about the feeling of relief for obeying and keeping to the appointed day of group worship with God? He will be there at the Church every Saturday even before you walk in, because God is faithful and a covenant keeper. God is not in the Churches on Sundays and did not bless and sanctify Sunday for His worship, but Saturday. God is immortal, a King and a Deity, and cannot change or submit to human defiance.
  4. Here is the most obvious, and well-known part:
    The things of Satan usually work opposite, and in opposition to the things of God. God blessed and sanctified the seventh and last day of the week being Saturday, for group worship. Satan chose the first day, and the start of the week, being Sunday for his own worship. This was implemented by the anti-God and anti-Christ. You have therefore been deceived to unintentionally worship Satan on Sundays, not God. You are also vulnerable to Satanic attacks in a Church on Sundays, because Sunday does not have the protection that comes from God’s blessings and sanctification, unlike Saturday which God said he has already blessed and sanctified, according to Genesis 2:3. On Saturdays, God is guaranteed to be in Church waiting, even before you come in. This is because God is faithful and a covenant keeper. A word of CAUTION: Be careful if you should speak to any Minister on the subject. For the reason that, they will never put your spiritual needs ahead of the interests of the Ministry or Church, by admitting the truth


  • O Heavenly Father, eternal God, infinite in love and compassion.
  • Forgive me my sins. The world has sinned and come short of your Glory.
  • I have sinned knowingly, and unknowingly. In my thoughts, and through my actions and inactions.
  • I have not been as faithful and careful as required of me.
  • Here I am thinking I am worshipping, and following your instructions. But I may indeed be following the deceits and ways of man.
  • Show me mercy for continuing in the wrong paths, even when I suspect, knew, or should have known that these are not the true paths.
  • Heavenly Father, please lead me in your true ways: give me the spirit of discernment, wisdom, courage and the resources to embrace your true paths – in Jesus name, Amen.
  • Heavenly father please have mercy upon me, in Jesus name. (say last line seven times).

Plead Psalm 51 in addition if you feel the need to do so. The difference with the last line above is that Psalm 51 is detailed. Why not do a little evangelism for Christ by sharing this message.

How to avoid being deceived, or misguided in your Christian journey.
There are two main Biblical authority sources in the Holy Bible, namely; primary or ultimate authority, and the other is secondary authority. The ultimate or primary authority is the Trinity, which is God the Father, God the Son and the Holy Spirit. Any other Biblical authority constitutes a secondary authority, and chief among them are the Apostles and the Prophets in the Bible.
Always obey and follow the primary or ultimate authority. This includes in situations or cases where secondary authority differs, or appear to deviate or differ. Do not budge in cases where the ultimate authority is quite clear. The Sabbath commandment is such a case. Search your Bible deeper where the subject-matter appear to be totally new, or lacking, and you will be amazed to find the truth is also in there, because God covered everything. Nonetheless, do not hesitate to contact us for support, assistance, guidance, and for prayers.
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